Frequently asked questions

What pressure should I use?

This depends on the product, sports type, level and weight of the users. Always use enough pressure and add air for each new training session. Please refer to our manual or our website for viewing pressure levels below.

Wat is the recommended air pressure

The air pressure below can be used as a guide. The optimal air pressure depends largely on the weight and experience of the user. Just like the sport that is being practiced on the mat.


How fast does an AirTrack inflate?

Thanks to our high pressure blower, an AirTrack is fully inflated within 5 minutes.

Is there a chance of damage to an AirTrack by adding more than the recommended amount of pressure?

No, the extreme pressure required to cause actual damage to an AirTrack cannot be achieved with the blowers we provide.

The AirTrack slowly releases air, what should I do?

It is possible that there is a small hole. A hole can be created, because there is left over dirt on the surface that was not cleaned. In the case of a small hole, you do not need to return the AirTrack to us. A small hole can be easily and quickly repaired within 10 minutes by the included repair kit. For instructions, refer to the User's Guide.

The AirTrack does not have enough air pressure after 24 hours, should I fix this?

AirTracks are not designed to maintain their pressure at night. Due to temperature differences, they lose a little air (this is normal). Always take care of the training mats for safety reasons and adjust the pressure before each new training session. If you have any doubts, please contact us for a professional advice.

How do I protect the valves?

Leakage on the pillow is easy and quick to fix, damage to the valves is more difficult. It is wise to handle the valves with care. Therefore, you should take the following points into account:

-  Never stand on the valves.

-  During exercise, land no closer than 20cm to the valve.

- Do not force the pump, pressure gauge or cap when applying the pump to the valve.

- Connecting these components must be force free.

- Replace the cap on the valve while transporting. That way, you will not lose it and you    cannot damage the valve.

Do the AirSteps fit on the AirTrack?

Yes, our AirSteps are the same width as our AirTrack.

What is the lifespan of the products?

This of course depends on how often and at what intensity the products are being used. A lifespan of more than 5 years is certainly not uncommon.

How much warranty is there on the products?

We provide 2 years warranty on our Airtrack products.

What's the difference between these AirTracks and the old tumbling tracks?

The new generation AirTracks are air tight and do not require a constant blower. You do not need to use an expensive, big, noisy fan anymore. A small hand blower is enough to inflate even the largest AirTracks within 5 minutes. The new generation of AirTracks are only 60% of the weight compared to the old tumbling tracks.

What is the weight of a mat?

A thicker mat has slightly more weight and volume than a thinner mat. Generally, Airtracks weigh about 3 kg per square meter.